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A Sidetracked Magazine and Ebbu Adventure

We've had the same obsession since day one — an obsession that is driven by a desire to make it easy for people to discover the best articles from the world's best publishers. To that extent, our success depends largely on what type of sources we decide to showcase.  

We spend a lot of time searching the world wide web for publishers who produce remarkable content. Publishers that that are passionate storytellers. Publishers that want their content to be discovered well after its made public. Publishers like Sidetracked Magazine, a publication that, in the words of founder, chief editor and producer, John Summerton"is born from the passion of wanting to tell the stories of those who put themselves out there, setting aside fear and doubt in order to experience the breathtaking, the awe-inspiring and the magical."

Sidetracked is about being immersed in the journey of those with captivating stories to tell. Ebbu’s platform makes it easier for readers to discover these stories.
— John Summerton

What types of adventures await you?  

How about Cat Vinton's article on the last sea nomads of Surin Islands – a family of five that live on a small hand-crafted wooden boat that serves as a kitchen, bedroom and communal living area. Or Morgan Cardiff's article on the HugRun – the seven-year, 64,000km run that stretches across six continents. Perhaps you're seeking inspiration for your next global jaunt? If so, Sidetracked TV has plenty to get you excited about what the world has in store for you.

Keep an eye on our blog for more updates on this exciting new partnership and future collaborations that will make Ebbu even better.

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