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Our Most Popular Articles of The Week

It's Friday and the most popular articles of the week on our app comes from Eater, Wired and Fortune Magazine. 

The Original Ketchup Was Made With Fish Guts Eater

When it comes to condiments, ketchup is about as all-American as it gets (okay, except for maybe ranch dressing). The sweet, tomato-y sauce is practically a requirement for hot dogs, fries, and burgers, but its origins are decidedly foreign: As this video from Great Big Story explains, ketchup was invented in China about a thousand years ago — and the original recipe included fish guts rather than tomatoes. Read Full Article

A Lot of Weird Stuff Has Been Happening in the Oceans Wired

The oceans have been acting weird lately. While some sea creatures have boomed (octopuses), others have busted (humpback whales), and yet others literally melted into goo (starfish). Whether the causes are El Niño or the “Blob” or ultimately climate change, these events point to just how interconnected and poorly understood the ocean ecosystem is—how little of it observable by humans. Read Full Article

Why Does the Consumer Internet Prey on Our Time? It's By Design Fortune Magazine

Facebook’s “Trendghazi” scandal has raged into its third week of headlines, with at least 753,000 news articles about CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s meeting with conservative leaders, on top of Glenn Beck’s “Most Favored Nation” maneuvering, some deep dives, some even deeper dives, and last night’s open letterto Sen. John Thune from Facebook. Read Full Article

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